Lynchburg; Virginia

The purpose of Master of Science in Nutrition (M.S.) program is to prepare students to enter the career field of nutrition with the scientific study of human nutrition designed to promote the development of a healthy Christ-centered lifestyle.
  • Non Profit Program Type(s): Personalized Nutrition
  • Degrees / Credentials: MS
  • Established: 2021
  • Learning Options: Full-time, Part-time
  • Online Percentage of Applicants Accepted Last Year: 60%
  • Average Lenght of the Program: 2 years
  • Pre-requisite(s): None
  • Total Program Costs: $20k-$50k
  • Student Loans available
  • Scholarship, Grants, and Stipends available
  • Acreditation(s): Regional- SACU- Southern Association on Colleges and Universities
  • Graduates satisfy didactic requirement for which certification(s) or state licensing: CNS – Partially meets coursework requirements
  • Contact: Catharine Henderson4345822000 | [email protected]