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We are unleashing nutrition’s potential to reverse the chronic disease and obesity crisis. The ANA envisions a society of Healthy People Powered by Nutrition. We bring that vision to life through our mission to Champion the Science and Practice of Personalized Nutrition.


We educate health professionals and the public in science-based personalized nutrition through our conference, webinars and educational trainings.


We set robust standards for personalized nutrition in practice including the Certified Nutrition Specialist® (CNS®) and specialty certifications.


We advocate for all health practitioners to practice nutrition to the level of their training thereby moving nutrition to the core of health care.


We connect a community of people with a passion for personalized nutrition.

what we do

Championing the Science and Practice of Personalized Nutrition

We educate and champion science-based, unbiased nutrition, both directly and through the professionals we train.

Our Values

We Believe in the Power of Nutrition

Nutrition is a Science

There is a rich and evolving body of science illuminating nutrition’s impact on our health.

Nutrition is Medicine

Nutrition is the core element of our health and can prevent and reverse disease.

Nutrition is an Ecosystem

Nutrition is an ecosystem of food growers, scientists, academics, healthcare professionals, policymakers, philanthropists, corporations and more.

Nutrition is Healthcare

Nutrition should be a core element of our healthcare culture and system, and all health professionals should be equipped & empowered to integrate nutrition into their work.

Nutrition is Personal

Because our biology is unique, personalized nutrition most powerfully taps our health potential.

Nutrition is for Everyone

Every person deserves access to healthy food and unbiased, science-based nutrition knowledge.


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