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What is ACNPE Programmatic Accreditation?

Founded in 2015, the Accreditation Council for Nutrition Professional Education (ACNPE) is a separate and independent organization formed to accredit master’s degree clinical programs in nutrition, to enhance the quality of student learning and establish a high standard for the knowledge and skills needed to practice personalized nutrition safely and effectively. Learn more at

Will graduates of your MS, Nutrition program meet CNS eligibility requirements?

Eligible programs must be regionally accredited and meet degree requirements and required credit hours in Nutrition, Biochemistry, Anatomy/Physiology and Clinical/Life Sciences. Please see the Program Application for details and to apply. 

Program Application

Does your school offer a program in nutrition?

The ANA’s Nutrition Program Finder is intended to be used as a tool to facilitate the search for information on schools that offer nutrition related programs for students in all points of their journey into the nutrition field. Please see the Nutrition Program Finder Application  for more information and to be listed. 

Do you have educational events that you’d like to offer to CNS for Continuing Education credits?

Activity content must meet the CNS CE requirements and can be offered by organizations, educators, companies, or universities. Events may be in person or online; they can be offered one-time or ongoing.