Two categories of nutrition coursework are required:

Category I: Foundational Nutrition (Min. of 4 graduate level semester credit hours or 60 CE equivalents) Must address CNS Foundational Nutrition Coursework Topics which include: nutritional biochemistry, developmental nutrition, energy balance and caloric values of foods, body composition and regulation of metabolism, metabolism and function of nutrients, macro-and micronutrient sources and quality, bioactive components in foods and nutrient requirements.

Category 2: Advanced Nutrition (Min. 8 graduate level semester credit hours or 120 CE equivalents) Examples of courses include but are not limited to: Nutritional Therapeutics, Nutrition Assessment, Functional Medicine Nutrition, Pharmacology and Drug-Nutrient Interactions, Functional Medicine for Autoimmune Diseases and Nutrition and Digestive Health.

Examples of Certificate Programs that Meet CNS Requirements for Both Category 1 and 2

The University of Bridgeport Nutrition Institute’s (UBNI) Physicians in Nutrition Program

• Maryland University of Integrative Health, Post Master’s Certificate in Nutrition & Integrative


Tufts University, Graduate Certificate Program, Nutrition Science for Health Professionals


Examples of Courses that Meet CNS Requirements for Category 1 – Foundational Nutrition

• Maryland University of Integrative Health: Combination of the following courses: Human

Nutrition I Macronutrients, Human Nutrition II Micronutrients, Life Cycle Nutrition

• New York Chiropractic College: Combination of the following courses: Biochemistry I Macronutrients, Biochemistry II Micronutrients, Nutrition Across the Lifespan

• University of Bridgeport: Combination of the following courses: Basic Nutrition, Vitamins and

Minerals, Developmental Nutrition

• University of California San Diego Extension: Certificate in Integrative Nutrition, Foundations of

Nutrition I and II

• University of Western States: Combination of the following courses: Nutritional Biochemistry, Whole Food Nutrition and Supplementation, Nutrition in Special Populations


Examples of Courses that Meet CNS Requirements for Category 2: Advanced Nutrition

Any graduate level nutrition course offered in the following programs on a non-matriculated basis:

Maryland University of Integrative Health, MS Nutrition and Integrative Health

New York Chiropractic College, MS Applied Clinical Nutrition

University of Bridgeport, MS Human Nutrition

University of Western States, MS Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine


Fellowships and Certificate Programs Offering CME

The following programs include components that meet the advanced nutrition coursework requirements

MD/DOs CNS candidates. Thus, graduates of these programs will have satisfied the 75 Advanced Nutrition continuing education credit requirement. All courses must qualify for CME.

Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine Fellowship Program

The George Washington University, The Integrative Medicine Fellowship Program

Institute for Functional Medicine Certificate Program (IFMCP)

Metabolic Medical Institute, Fellowship in Integrative Medicine (A4M)

• University of Arizona’s Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Fellowship in Integrative



Note: This list is not inclusive. Other programs and courses may also meet the requirements for both Foundational Nutrition and Advanced Nutrition. Courses must be from regionally accredited institutions or qualify for CME credit. Candidates should submit course materials to the BCNS office for Credentials Council review.