Getting Started With Personalized Nutrition

This course is your first step toward unlocking a new level of wellness. Whether you’re looking to improve your diet, manage a chronic condition, or simply optimize your overall health, personalized nutrition is the key to achieving your goals.

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Getting Started With Personalized Nutrition

$ 29
  • Optimize Energy Levels
  • Support Mental Clarity
  • Improve Gastrointestinal Health
  • Enhance Performance

The Course

Throughout the one-hour course split up into five modules, you will learn through interactive materials, including video, quizzes, and numerous take-home resources. 

Your Path To Health
-The Personalized Approach
-Nutrition Information Red Flags
-Finding Trusted Information
Essential Elements of Good Nutrition

The ANA's 7 Essentials

  1. Focus on Real Foods
  2. Savor the Spectrum
  3. Fiber is Foundational
  4. Hydrate for Health
  5. Balance Blood Sugar
  6. Move and Rest for Resilience
  7. Reduce Environmental Exposures


Nutrition for the Health of Cells and Body Systems

-Nutrition Feedback Loop

-GI Tract

-Building Blocks of Our Builogy

-Macronutrients & Micronutrients

-Digestion for Nutrients

-Touring the Digestive System

-Carbohydrate Metabolism

-Impacts of Carbs on Blood Sugar Levels

-Genetics and Blood Sugar Management

-Maintaining a Healthy Microbiome

Nourishing Your Health

-Personalizing the 7 Essentials of Nutrition

-Moving and Resting for Resilience

-Reducing Environmental Exposures