New Jersey

Updated 1/25/2023

The Governor of New Jersey signed the New Jersey Dietetics and Nutrition Practice Act into law on January 13, 2020. Once the Act is implemented, New Jersey will license dietitians as licensed dietitian nutritionists (LDNs) and nutritionists as licensed nutritionists (LNs). The Act requires a license to practice medical nutrition therapy (MNT), defined as “the provision of nutrition care services for the intended purpose of treatment or management of a diagnosed disease or medical condition.” See NJ Rev Stat § 45:16B-3 for exemptions to the licensure requirement 

As of January 2023, three dietitians have been appointed to the newly created NJ State Board of Dietetics and Nutrition, but the nutritionist, physician, and public member seats have not been filled. A nutritionist nomination is pending but has not been finalized. The board began meeting in November 2022. To monitor the board page and meetings, click on the Regulatory Body link below. Meetings are open to the public, and CNSs are encouraged to attend.  

There is no action you can take at this time to become licensed. This page will be updated as information is available. 

Practice Act/Statute Rules & Regulations TBD Regulatory Body

Disclaimer: This is a preliminary interpretation of language of state statutes and regulations, and cannot substitute for legal counsel.