Connecticut certifies dietitians and nutritionists. However, there is no certification requirement for providing nutrition care. Only state certified individuals may use the titles: "Connecticut Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist", "Connecticut Certified Dietitian", "Connecticut Certified Nutritionist", or the letters "C.D.-N.", "C.D.", "C.N." or any other letters, words or insignia indicating or implying state certification as a certified dietitian-nutritionist.

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Practice Act/Statute Regulatory Body

Qualification Requirements for State Licensure or State Certification:
  • Academic: Evidence of current registration as a Registered Dietitian from the Commission on Dietetic Registration, or a master's or doctoral degree, from a regionally accredited institution with a major course of study which focused primarily on human nutrition or dietetics and which included a minimum of 30 graduate semester credits, 21 of which shall be in not fewer than five of the following content areas: (i) Human nutrition or nutrition in the life cycle, (ii) nutrition biochemistry, (iii) nutrition assessment, (iv) food composition or food science, (v) health education or nutrition counseling, (vi) nutrition in health and disease, and (vii) community nutrition or public health nutrition.
  • Experience: Not applicable.
  • Examination: A written examination prescribed and/or approved by the state commissioner. The Certified Nutrition Specialist exam administered by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists is an approved exam.

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